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Supporting Officer Josh Vadell

Supporting Officer Josh Vadell

November 4, 2016    Kayla Austin

Chickie’s and Pete’s in the Tropicana is honored to support officer Josh Vadell. Join them

Atlantic City Airshow

August 17, 2016    Kayla Austin

The Atlantic City Airshow will fill the skies above Atlantic County on Wednesday for the 14th time.

Dead Man’s Wife & Girlfriend Run Dueling Obituaries in Same Paper

August 8, 2016    Kayla Austin

“The wife wanted it one way, and the girlfriend wanted it another way,“

Wildwood Signs Deal With Promoter for Six Beach Concerts

August 5, 2016    Kayla Austin

The city signed a two-year contract this month with a New York promoter to bring three beach concerts to the island in each of 2017 and 2018.

Atlantic City to Receive $74 million Emergency Bridge Loan

July 29, 2016    Kayla Austin

Atlantic City will receive an emergency $74 million bridge loan from the state to avoid default, but it could come at a high price.