Man Told He Would Never Walk Now Runs 84 Miles a Week

By Kwan_021

When he was a toddler, Lamont Thomas nearly died after being hit by a car. His doctors thought he’d be mentally impaired and never be able to walk on his own. But Thomas went on to graduate from high school and holds a steady job at a Seattle real-estate firm. As for the walking part, The L.A. Times reports that he’s done one better by becoming the most famous recreational runner in Shoreline, Washington, where people honk their horns and stop him during his afternoon jogs to introduce themselves. (He gives motivational talks to local schools and has a book due out this Spring.) When Thomas takes his grandmother shopping, she says people come up to him and say, “I know you. You’re the runner.”


They said he might never walk. Now he can’t stop running – LA Times:

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