Adele Thinks Mariah Carey Should “Be in the Bible”

Video has emerged of Adele declaring her love for Mariah Carey at her Wednesday concert in London. “Did you read that article the other day where Mariah Carey called the lighting abusive?“ Adele asked the audience. “She is so biblical that lady. It’s a joke. I absolutely adore her.“ When the British singer realized that Mariah was coming to the same venue to perform soon after her, she gushed, “She’s here tomorrow? Oh, my God, I should leave a secret note for her. I think that she should be in the Bible.“ Adele’s initial comments were a reference to Mariah’s recent Sunday Times interview, in which she complained to the reporter, “I have to point out this is a rented house—I would never have overhead lighting… this lighting is abusive.“

Adele Thinks Mariah Carey Should “Be In The Bible“:

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