Bieber Gets Choked After Burning Post Malone With a Cigarette

Video emerged yesterday that seemed to show rapper Post Malone choking Justin Bieber after the Canadian pop star burned him with a cigarette at a Houston, Texas, nightclub. Photos circulated shortly afterward of Malone’s outstretched arm and his hand around Bieber’s precious neck. However, Malone shot down reports that the two had gotten into an actual altercation by writing on Twitter last night, “I love Justin y’all tripping lol. He’s my big brother and we like to rough house.“ Meanwhile, Bieber posted a photo on Instagram last night of himself choking Malone and the rapper giving a mock look of horror.

Post Malone Choked Justin Bieber After He Is Used As An Ashtray:

Justin Bieber choked by rapper Post Malone… after popstar stubs cigarette out on his arm :

[PIC] Justin Bieber Chokes Post Malone In New Instagram Photo — Revenge? – Hollywood Life:

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