DJ Sends Taylor Swift $1 Sacagawea Coin to Settle Groping Case

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David Mueller, the former radio DJ who was accused of groping Taylor Swift, claims he mailed the singer a Sacagawea coin last week as the symbolic $1 he was ordered to pay. Mueller sent a letter to the AP this week showing the payment was sent on November 28. He previously said he would send Taylor a coin featuring a prominent Native American woman as a final jab in the case, which her side called a win for all women. Mueller had initially sued Swift, claiming she falsely accused him of groping her and sought up to $3 million. A federal jury in Denver, however, ruled in favor of the singer. The suit won Taylor a spot as one of the “Silence Breakers” named as TIME’s Person of the Year on Wednesday; inside the magazine, she said she still hadn’t received the dollar.


DJ sends Taylor Swift $1 Sacagawea coin to settle groping case | Page Six:

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