John Mayer Announces Dive Bar Tour After Saying He Doesn’t Drink

Just a week after revealing to Rolling Stone that he no longer drinks alcohol, John Mayer has joined this summer’s Bud Light Dive Bar Tour. A promotional photo shows Mayer posing in a bar with a pint by his side. “I’m happy that Bud Light is continuing their Dive Bar Tour and excited to be a part of it this year,” Mayer said in a statement. “I started my career playing in small clubs and bars and look forward to performing for friends and fans in an intimate setting.” Mayer’s rep tells Page Six that regardless of whether the singer-songwriter drinks or not, the concert series is important to Mayer. “Playing in ‘dive bars’ (and seeing other artists performing in them) has been an important part of John’s life as a musician,“ the rep explains. “He is excited to partner with Bud Light for the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour and getting another opportunity to have fun playing in an intimate venue in front of fans and friends.“


Is John Mayer a hypocrite? | Page Six:

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