Justin Bieber & Ed Sheeran Share Clips of Their New Single

    • The new song from Ed Sheeran featuring Justin Bieber might be called “I Don’t Care.”
    • The two artists shared clips of the song on Instagram this week.
    • The short clip includes the lyric, “We at a party we don’t wanna be at.”
    • Bieber wrote on Twitter that the song is coming out this Friday, May 10.
  • Both Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran have left hints about their upcoming collaboration, which might be called “I Don’t Care.” On Sunday, Sheeran posted a video of himself to his Instagram story with a clip of the song playing in the background. He later revealed the song’s name through an Instagram comment. Bieber also shared a video of his computer screen playing the clip of the soon-to-be-released track on Monday. The clip is of a summery pop tune and includes the line, “We at a party we don’t wanna be at.” He wrote on Twitter that “It’s happening. #Friday,” UPI reports.

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