Katy Perry Finally Dishes on Those Orlando Bloom Naked Pics 

Katy Perry has finally opened up about her ex-boyfriend Orlando Bloom making headlines last year when he was photographed paddle boarding naked during their Italian beach getaway. The pop star recently told an Australian radio station that the actor wanted her to get naked too, but she declined. “You know when you’re dating someone sometimes, it’s exciting to be like, ’Oh should we try and make out over here in this place?’ or what have you, and I was just not in the mood,“ she recalled. “I saved it for the boat!“ Perry went on to joke that Bloom stripped down because he was “just trying to show off for all the people back at the shore.“ She also shared that she had been teaching Bloom about social media at the time and thought it was hilarious when his penis pics turned him into the #1 trending topic on Twitter.


Katy Perry talks those Orlando Bloom paddle board pictures | Daily Mail Online: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4645188/Katy-Perry-talks-Orlando-Bloom-paddle-board-pictures.html

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