Katy Perry Tells Ed Sheeran to Put His Naughty Bits on Her 

Ed Sheeran recently crashed a radio interview that Katy Perry was doing and hilarity ensued. Sheeran opened up about the first time that the two met. “I was playing a gig in Toronto and I was sweating so bad,“ he explained. “I walked up to her and was like ’Hi’ and she was like ’I would hug you, but EW.’“ Perry responded by admitting that she’s since realized the error of her ways. “Now that you’re Ed Sheeran, it’s like, put your ballsac on me!“ she declared. The segment also featured Perry mocking Sheeran and flipping him the bird as she shouted, “Thanks, babes, for keeping me off the #1 spot. Thanks! Oh, you’re soooo approachable. Oh, you’re everybody’s best friend. Ohhh, great.“

Katy Perry Told Ed Sheeran To Put His Ballsac On Her Because Duh: https://www.buzzfeed.com/samanthawieder/katy-perry-told-ed-sheeran-to-put-his-ballsac-on-her?utm_term=.sp1NnXlD5#.wiERdAJ30

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