Mariah Carey Is Unlikely Face of New Hotel World Commercial

Mariah Carey is the unlikely star of a new commercial for Hostel World, a website that allows you to book hostels all over the world. The ad shows the staff at a Barcelona hostel panicking after it’s revealed that Mariah is arriving as a guest. “Welcome to our hostel,” an employee says nervously to a horrified Mariah. It’s then revealed that one of the members of her entourage accidentally booked a hostel instead of a hotel. Mariah demands a private room and is informed that the hostel has one. “So this is our master suite,” a man says as he shows her the room. “King-size bed fit for a queen…It’s very bright. We’re very proud of it.” The diva examines the room and appears to deem it suitable, because the next scene shows her performing her hit “Fantasy” at the hostel’s bar.


Watch Mariah Carey Realize She’s Staying Overnight at a $42 Hostel | E! News:

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