Mariah Carey Threw a Party Where Everyone Had to Come as Her

Proving she’s still the world’s biggest diva, Mariah Carey recently threw a party at the Italian villa she’s been staying at near Lake Como–and the theme of the bash was…Mariah Carey! According to Page Six, the 40-person shindig went down this weekend as she was on a break from her European tour. “Even the men dressed like Mariah,“ a source says. “But Mariah went as her alter ego, Bianca, and sported a jet-black wig.“ In fact, it seems the only pics Mariah Instagrammed from the event were two full-body photos of herself in her Bianca get-up. However, fans will be able to see more soon, as Page Six also notes that the party was filmed for Mariah’s upcoming E! reality show.

Mariah Carey threw a party where all the guests dressed as her | Page Six:

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