Meghan Trainor’s Fiance “Sings on Every Song” on Her 3rd Album

Meghan Trainor has revealed that her upcoming third album will feature the talents of her family and her fiance Daryl Sabara. “I’ve been in the studio every day with my family,” she tells Entertainment Tonight. “My entire family sings on every song and Daryl sings on every song, and my father plays the piano and organs on one song.” She continues, “It’s really special. It’s obviously me being in love and happy, and reminding myself to choose happiness and love myself.” The 24-year-old bride-to-be goes on to say that she loves being engaged. “I feel like a princess!” she gushes. “I love this. I got seven congratulations already today. I’m like, ‘On what? Oh, yeah!’”


Meghan Trainor’s Fiance, Daryl Sabara, ’Sings on Every Song’ on Her Third Album (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight:

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