Serena Williams Says Her Mom Inspires Her to Be a Good Parent  

Mommy-to-be Serena Williams has opened up about the lessons she’s learned from her mother about being a parent. “My mom has always been so strong for me and she’s been the woman that has just literally been unbreakable and someone that I always look up to–and all my sisters looked up to,“ she explained at the #BlogHer17 conference on Friday. “So in the midst of having a child, it’s like all of the sudden you start thinking about the lessons your parents taught you, especially my mom. And you start thinking about, ’Wow, what do I want to raise my kid as?’“ She continued, “I feel like all those lessons that she taught me about being so strong, of being proud of who I am, of being able to look anyone in the face and have confidence and speak with so much confidence is something that I really have been able to embrace and I would love to teach my kid that.“ Williams is expecting her first child with her fiancé, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, later this year.


Pregnant Serena Williams Shares Advice Her Mom Gave Her About Being a Parent:

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