The 12 Bougiest Moments in J-Lo & Cardi B’s “Dinero” Video

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Jennifer Lopez has dropped the video for her latest single “Dinero,” which also features DJ Khaled and Cardi B. As expected, the visual is over-the-top in ways only this trio of artists could be. Here are some of the video’s most bougie moments, as compiled by Vulture:

  1. When J-Lo starts her day by throwing a diamond-crusted bowling ball down her mansion hallway.
  2. When she barbecues flaming steak in her lingerie while drinking from a bedazzled pimp cup.
  3. When she hosts a gambling ring of shirtless men and takes all of their money.
  4. When she roasts marshmallows over a fire of burning cash.
  5. When she walks an ostrich…on a leash.
  6. When she’s eating a Jersey Mike’s sub on her staircase in an evening gown.
  7. When Cardi B shows up to croquet with actual coins.
  8. When J-Lo vandalizes her own Lamborghini with graffiti dollar signs.
  9. When J-Lo and Cardi lounge in bed reading their TIME covers.
  10. When J-Lo wears A-Rod’s bedazzled baseball uniform.
  11. When she takes a candlelit bath next to a unicorn.
  12. When J-Lo and Cardi decide it’s exhausting being rich and take a nap.

The Bougiest Things Happening in Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B’s ‘Dinero’ Video:

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