The Do’s & Don’ts of Drinking With Your Parents

It’s really cool when you’re old enough to finally drink (legally) with your parents, but it’s not without its pitfalls. To this end, Post Grad Problems has provided a handy list of do’s and don’ts for drinking with your parents–particularly when you’re in Vegas:
  • Do start slow. You don’t necessarily have to babysit a beer an hour or anything crazy like that (especially in Vegas), but you should make an attempt to ease your parents into your drinking. While they’ve deemed you old enough to be able to sit at the table and share a drink with them, that doesn’t mean they think you’re a complete grownup.
  • Don’t turn down drinks. Keep in mind that you’re not the only one feeling out the situation. Your parent is also trying to figure out how to act to seem responsible and not ruin the image you have of them. The last thing you want to do is say no to something. They’re either going to think you’re judging them and revert to parent mode, or they’ll think they raised a wussy.
  • Do let them pick the bars. Your parents are giving you a glimpse into their world, and not only does it make for a nice change of pace, it’s cool to share something with them. Whether it’s a dive bar with “the best martinis in the city” or a Mexican joint where your mom goes for her weekly margs with the girls, accept the invitation with pride.
  • Don’t go to clubs. Look, your parents are cool, but they’re not that cool. Night two in Vegas, my brother, cousin, and I are hitting Hakkasan, a triple-decker club featuring some hard trap music. Luckily, my dad immediately bowed out (and convinced my uncle to do the same), but not all parents are so self-aware.
  • Do buy the first round. The best way to combat the weird parent/friend quagmire is to place yourself on equal footing. Order the first round, showing them that, despite the fact that you’re still their baby, you’re also an adult now.
  • Don’t buy any other rounds. You proved your point: You’re a grownup who can take care of themselves. However, you’re here with a much higher level of grownup who can take care of you better, financially speaking. No need to break the bank just to show off, my friend. Let mom and dad get the next one.
  • Do open up. I know they’re your parent, but in this bar after several rounds, they’re also your friends. Feel free to share a little insight into your life.
  • Don’t try and get laid. I’ve heard stories of friends with single dads who go out hunting for girls together and, honestly, it grosses me the out. If you’re with your parents, take a night off. The last thing your parent wants to see is you drunkenly hitting on someone or, god forbid, making out with them at the bar. Plus, if you fail, do you really want your mom or dad watching their kid get brutally rejected?

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