Wendy Williams Gets Candid About Her Past Cocaine Addiction

Wendy Williams has opened up about being addicted to cocaine back when she worked in radio. “I was a functioning addict though,” she tells Entertainment Tonight. “I would report to work on time and I walked in and all of my coworkers, and including my bosses, would know but instead of firing me, you see, I would grab my headphones and arrogantly walk into the studio and dare them fire me because I was making ratings.” She continues “[A] functioning addict has several alarm clocks, you’re organized. It’s a miracle I was able to stop.” Williams recently partnered with The Hunter Foundation to launch the “Be Here” National Campaign, which works to combat substance abuse and addiction in communities.

Wendy Williams Gets Candid On Her Battle With Addiction (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight: https://www.etonline.com/wendy-williams-gets-candid-on-her-battle-with-addiction-exclusive-106331

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