Wendy Williams & Husband Kevin Hunter Are Considering Separating

    • Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter are exploring separation options after 22 years of marriage.
    • Hunter remains Williams’ longtime manager and both are partners in Wendy Williams Productions, the company that produces her daytime show.
    • Insiders say their business deal will make a divorce “difficult.”
  • Sources close to the situation tell Page Six that Wendy Williams and her husband Kevin Hunter are laying the groundwork for a separation after 22 years of marriage. Insiders says the estranged couple is exploring “what a separation would look like,” as Hunter remains Williams’ long-time manager and both are partners in Wendy Williams Productions–the company that produces her popular daytime show. “There is a discussion about what happens now–everyone is asking, ‘How can they possibly stay together?’ Wendy still loves Kevin, but her health is at stake,” a source reveals. “They are so tangled up together in business, so they are carefully looking at what a separation could entail. It will be difficult.” Williams, who recently opened up about her alcoholism, relapsed last week after learning that Hunter’s alleged mistress had given birth to a child that might be his.
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